Employment Law Attorney

At the Law Office of Samuel Franklin Galici, we pride ourselves on our ability to help preserve the rights of employees who are victims of discrimination, retaliation, issues relating to wage, and other forms of workplace problems. Mr. Galici is passionate about standing up for what is right, and he has built a reputation for being a tenacious advocate who ensures that all applicable labor and employment laws are properly respected and enforced.

While most of Mr. Galici’s work in this area is primarily focused on employee issues from the plaintiff point of view, he has also regularly represented employers as well, especially in matters relating to policy and advocacy needs, and various forms of litigation.

Mr. Galici is an experienced employment law attorney in California whose expertise spans a broad range of employment law matters, including but not limited to:

  •         Wrongful Termination
  •         Sexual Harassment
  •         Sex or Gender Disrimination
  •         Defamation (Libel or Slander) in Trade or Profession
  •         Disability Discrimination & Denial of Reasonable Accommodation & FMLA         /CFRA Violations
  •         Pregnancy Discrimination
  •         Race or Color Discrimination
  •         Ancestry or National Origin Discrimination
  •         Retaliation for Making a Discrimination Complaint
  •         Retaliation for Making Safety Complaints
  •         Retaliation for Asserting Rights under the California Labor Code
  •         Improper Classification as Exempt from Overtime Pay or as Independent         Contractor
  •         Meal Periods / Rest Breaks / Premium Pay
  •         Severance Agreements & Severance Pay
  •         Overtime Pay
  •         Unemployment Benefits
  •         Progressive Discipline & Employment Policies and Handbooks

Need a California Employment Law Attorney?

When seeking legal counsel in matters relating to employment law in California, do not hesitate to contact attorney Samuel F. Galici. As a proven and trusted employment law attorney, Mr. Galici has the years of experience and in-depth legal know-how to help aggressively pursue your employment law case and steer it towards a favorable outcome.

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