Defamation & Personal Injury Attorney

Unexpected injuries can send you into a spiral of difficult problems and complications, especially in regards to your physical, emotional, and financial health. This might make it harder for some to seek out the assistance of a legal professional, but if you are having trouble securing the compensation that is rightfully yours, your best bet is to contact a personal injury attorney in California.

Attorney Samuel F. Galici has decades of law practice experience under his belt, and he is well-versed in all matters relating to personal injury law and defamation in California. With a strong moral compass, he always prioritizes standing up for what is right and advocates tirelessly on behalf of clients who have suffered serious consequences as a result of others’ negligence or recklessness.

Defamation in California

Although defamation might not involve physical injury, it can still result in serious, long-term consequences for its victims. Experienced with these types of matters, Mr. Galici helps his clients establish that culpability and enables them to pursue a favorable resolution aimed at helping mitigate damages.

Need a California Personal Injury Attorney?

Dealing with personal injury or defamation in California? Mr. Galici can provide you with the legal counsel that you need to pursue your case regardless of the circumstances, as the scope of his expertise is broad. Mr. Galici is familiar with matters such as but not limited to:

  •         Auto accidents
  •         Wrongful death
  •         Dog bites
  •         Defamation
  •         Dangerous Premises
  •         Catastrophic Injury

With his extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of personal injury and defamation law in California, Samuel F. Galici is a valuable legal ally who can help you further your cause and guarantee that your rights are preserved.

Do not hesitate to pursue what is rightfully yours, call the Law Office of Samuel Franklin Galici today. You can reach us at 805-654-1451 to schedule a free initial consultation.