Civil Litigation Attorney

At the Law Office of Samuel Franklin Galici, we are experienced in a broad range of civil litigation matters, including business disputes, real estate litigation, small claims litigation, and more. As a seasoned civil litigation attorney, Mr. Galici works hard to provide practical and effective legal advice which is designed to quickly and efficiently resolve any types of disputes or litigation. His priorities always lie in protecting the interests of his clients, something that has helped establish him as a reliable and trustworthy legal ally.

Civil litigation is a complex area of the law that can involve a variety of different contexts and situations, which is why Mr. Galici always takes the time to fully understand your specific circumstances before moving onto the formation of legal strategies and exploring potential routes to take. Mr. Galici firmly believes that this client-centric approach is a big factor to his continued success as an attorney.

No matter the circumstances of your situation involving civil litigation, know that you can count on Mr. Galici’s legal expertise and experience. He is equipped to handle matters such as (but not limited to):

  •         Landlord/tenant litigation
  •         Business disputes
  •         Real estate litigation
  •         Insurance claims litigation
  •         Small claims litigation

Looking for A California Civil Litigation Attorney?

Whether your civil litigation matter involves real estate law, employment law, or business law, know that you can count Mr. Galici’s extensive and varied experience. Don’t take any chances when dealing with such large and complex legal problems.

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