Law Offices of Samuel Franklin Galici

Early Years of Law Practice in Michigan

Samuel Franklin Galici is in his fifth decade of law practice, beginning in California in 1981 and in Michigan in 1973. After an initial focus on criminal defense for a few years and an unblemished string of successes at trial and on appeal, he turned his attention to civil matters. Reminded of The Country Lawyer, he had an original interest in serving the diverse legal needs of the average person, inventor, artist and small business in his community, he developed a broad range of law practice over many years, including transactional, family and consumer matters, spreading into antitrust, insolvencies, reorganizations and mergers, entertainment law contracts, as well as civil trials and appeals. From the beginning, he has held a strong interest in the protection and advancement of the full spectrum of civil rights and in the right to trial by jury.

Early Years of Law Practice in California

In 1984, he won an appellate victory in California, overturning a trial court’s ruling sustaining a demurrer to his client’s complaint against the police, and, in so doing, establishing the right of a tenant to resist an unlawful eviction by police – and the right to sue the police, attorneys for the landlord, and the landlord, for forcible entry and detainer and to regain rightful possession of the premises  –  where the landlord and attorneys had obtained a writ of possession knowing that the underlying unlawful detainer judgment had been set aside, concealed that information from the police, and deceived the police into believing that they had judicial authority to execute the writ. News of the tenants’ rights victory appeared on the front page of the Los Angeles Daily Journal, which hailed it as a landmark in civil rights.

In the 1990’s, Sam Galici was again in the news and entertainment trade publications when he successfully defeated a suit for unfair competition against professional actors for accessing casting information created by a company that had exclusive deals to read scripts and summarize character descriptions for casting calls for use by its paid-subscriber talent agents and personal managers – the inside club.

Employment Law and Litigation Practice

Based in Ventura County since 2003, for the first 3 years as a partner in Futoran & Galici and since as a sole practitioner, he has continued to handle business transactional matters, some related trusts, and business claims settlements and litigation, but his focus has been on plaintiff’s employment law. Sexual harassment cases Mr. Galici has brought have received the attention from the local TV network news, newspapers and radio, including a case of a dancer at a strip club who alleged she was raped by the club manager, and one of a married female police officer having had to endure many years of harassment and humiliation, especially after her harasser was made her supervisor. This is only a small sampling of Mr. Galici’s cases that have been covered by news media, trade publications and a book published by Harper Trade.

Mr. Galici believes that even though every person is entitled to be represented by an attorney in America, he has no duty to be the attorney to provide that representation to somebody just because her or she needs it. He is selective and morally driven in his decisions as to whom he represents; and he gives his efforts, talents, experience and established reputation to clients he regards as being on the right side of the dispute. Taking only strongly supported cases and truthful clients, he believes the cases he takes should not have to be litigated, and he explores settlement from the beginning of the case unless information in the possession of the opposing party is needed beforehand.

He represents some employers in their day-to-day consultation, policy and advocacy needs, and in litigation where necessary; but he represents mostly employees in a myriad of plaintiff’s employment law matters, in pre-litigation settlements, administrative proceedings, and at trial and on appeal. Just a few years ago, in a case on behalf of a postal clerk against the U.S. Postal Service, he won an appeal in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal and the very rare result of also the removal of the trial judge in the District Court from the case after the U.S. District Judge had thrown out his client’s disability discrimination case on summary judgment. The stunning victory on appeal was lauded by the California Employment Lawyers Association; and after victory on appeal, the case was successfully settled.

Mr. Galici handles the broad range of employment law matters. See the “Employment Claims” tab on this site. He handles proceedings before Department of Fair Employment and Housing on employment discrimination complaints, and before the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement Retaliation Unit on retalition complaints under the California Labor Code. He also has specialized experience in EEOC cases of federal employees who have hearings (bench trials) before EEOC administrative judges, who are guided by EEOC’s own body of case law precedent, regulations and EEOC guidance materials. He also files EEOC cases of federal employees in the U.S. District Court.

Sam Galici is regarded by bench and bar as very authoritative on the applicable law and procedure; an effective, straight-forward, to-the-point trial advocate; and a formidable adversary.  He determines whether to represent a client based on an in-person consultation by appointment only.

  • California State Bar
  • U.S. District Court
  • 9th Circuit Court of Appeals
  • United States Supreme Court